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Your association was born in early 1970s. A small group of friends informally came together and celebrated various festivities while maintaining their rich heritage and educating their children about their culture and reminding them of their roots.

The informal group of friends became an informal association and now a formalised body which you know as the Indian Australian Cultural Association of Illawarra Inc. (IACAII). Our community South of Sydney continues to grow exponentially and IACAII continues to be a great source of enjoyment and cultural education to hundreds of people every year.

As every other year, over the last 12 months, IACAII has hosted/organised Holi celebration in early 2015...

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As a service to our community, IACAII is delighted to help communicate your message.

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Indian Australian Cultural Association of Illawarra, Inc.
326A Crown Street

Phone: 02 4228 3488
Whatsapp: +61 421 986 649